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Program Name: Crylic2Turkmen.exe
Transfer the crylic fonts to turkmen fonts.

Program Name: TurkmenEditor.exe
Write Easily turkmen fonts and copy to your editors.

Program Name: turkmens.exe
A Turkmen Screen Saver.

Program Name: turkmensM.exe
A Turkmen Screen Saver with music at background.

Turkmen Fonts

For Pc (windows)
TurkmenCourierNew.ttf TurkmenCourierNew
TurkmenArial.ttf TurkmenArial
TurkmenTimesNR.ttf TurkmenTimesNR
TurkmenVerdana.ttf TurkmenVerdana

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Please use Central European Fonts;
Founded & Designed by;
Dr. Farzad MARJANI, Civil Engineer, Ph.D.
Ankara - TURKEY
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