The next in turn personal exhibition of ceramist Salmaz Mukhamedova is the place to visit with pleasure to dip into the world of harınony and beauty. Marvellous forms, grace of unique silhouettes and lines, refined colour range, picturesquefulness of the works - each of them utters gentle enchanting sounds and all of them joining together form a fantastical charmig melody. Such expressions and feelings seizes everyone who comes to exhibition of Mukhamedova. Her creative activity is an extraordinary happening in the Turkınen art. Having appeared on the republican art arena in the beginning of 1980's she with her first works showed herself as a matııre highly-skilled artist. Her first porcelain service "Kurban bairam" she decorated with nıiniarures "Races", "Ram-fight" "Seesaw"and painted with blue cobalt and gilt. The forms of tea-pot with doubled handle, bowls with high bases, smooth rounded lines of the service create an air of eastern voluptuousness and lyricism. "Art must bestow pleasure" -the master considers. Dear spectator, take a careful look at the works of Salmaz. She does not invent wheels - jars, vases, dishes, tea-bowls, kumgans (national Turknıen cettles). But what things they are! Aıı observation of tlıeir pliant liııes, of the delicate decor,of the original form gives true joy and pleasııre. "Tıırknıen girls" - a groııp of affectionate, chaste girls iıı tyubeteykas, "Gelinler" -young oriental beauties wearing national robes, they are full of poetic spirit, sculptural expressiveness and plasticity. White vases with broad bodies and unexpectedly narrow necks win your heart witlı purity of forming lines and folds as though moved by a breath of wind whieh enforces their delicate music. The remarkable fusion of ceramic traditions of Central Asia, Europian modernist style with study of Far East artistic language and style is seen in the creative work of Salnıaz Mukhamedova. The nature of Turkmenistan becomes animated in diversity of forms and details,materials and decor of such works as :"Evening in desert" 1983, with quicksand of dunes which are being triversed by caravans of camels; "Akha1-Tekke horses" 1996, with swift luxuriantly maned Akhal-Tekke racers; "Birds"1993, carefully listening to sounds they are ready to take wig at once; "Cupolas" 1995, "The secrets of Khorezm"1995 - the old oriental architecture with "onion" cupolas. The fantastic world of the artist is riclı in poetic allusions and philosophic generalization and this list can be almost endlessly continued by telling about her repeated victories in many international contests and exhibitions in Italy, Tashkent, Iran, Ashgabat, Riga, Moscow, Alma-Ata, or speaking of her self-sacrifacing labour (having no studio she works at home in the kitchen), probably it also could be mentioned that she creates the compositions without potter's wheel but with her hands and it seems she easily manages any material: fire-clay, terracotta, engobe, porcelain, faince, but of course this easiness is not easy at all. Although all the above-nıentioned is very important to get acquainted with tlıe artist but this is not we are going to speak of. Up to now the matter has been aside. Talking of national featııres of someone's creative activety the sylistic similarity of the works with the known examples of former times is meant. This similarity means much but can not serve as one and only criterion. The inner resemblance, common principles of poetic styles, pecularities of national perseption of the world - it is they are which determine national features of art. Stylistic forms can change and vary in coursce of years but general formation of poetical feeling, philosophy of life of the whole people are catigories of the deeper and long-ten character which are formed by means of long spiritual experience of nation. Solmaz is a part of her nation aııd her works come out from the depths of her heart. For incomplete twenty years' experience the creative activity of Solmaz Mukhamedova has become an integral part of  a11 the Turkmen art. We can be sure that her art develops with dignity the national culture of Turkmenistan.

Abat Mukhatova

art historian.

July, 1997.

Mukhamedova Dursun-Solmaz Vepayevna was born in Ashgabat, November 22, 1952. In 1980 she graduated from the Moscow High Artistic-Iııdustrial (former Stroganovskiy's) College and was qualified as an artist of the applied decorative art.

1985 - A member of Artists Union of USSR
1987 - A member of Designers Union of USSR
1972 - Moscow, degree work on Exhibition  of national economic achievments
1978 - Republican art exhibition in Ashgabat
1979 - All-Union art exhibition in Moscow
1980 - Republican art exhibition in Ashgabat;  All-Union exhibition in Tashkent
1982 - Republican art exhibition in 'Ashgabat
1983 - International contest of ceramists in Faenze, Italy
1985 - Exhibition "Gobelin and minor plastic arts" in Ashgabat
1986 - Republican art exhibition in Ashgabat
1989 - Riginal art exhibition of Central Asia in Kazakhstan  on the applied decorative
           art; awarded by the prize  for "Fantasy and Unexpected use of material"
1992 - Personal art exhibitions Exhibition  of art works, Gumbed-Kabus, Iran
1993 - International symposium of ceramists in Tashkent
1994 - Personal art exhibition in Ashgabat
1995 - International art symposium of Asian women,  in Alma-Ata. Personal exhibitions
           in Ashgabat.

Works From Dr. Farzad Marjani's Private Collection.

Cholde Agach
Dr.Farzad Marjani's Collection

Cholde Agach
Dr.Farzad Marjani's Collection

Dr. Farzad Marjani's Collection

Dr. Farzad Marjani's Collection

Other Works:

l. "Guncha", "Bahar" - shaınot, paintings, 1995

2. "Crop" - china, paintings gold, 1978

3. "Tenderness" - china, biskvit, 1982

4. "Brides" - china, biskvit, 1982

5. "Mystery of Khorezm" - shamot, glaze, salts, 1995

6. "Spring" - china, biskvit, 1991

7. "East Water" - - china, cobalt, gold, 1979 

8. "Cobalts Roses" - china, cobalt, gold, 1992 

9. "Dutar Melody" - china, biskvit, 1992

10. "Birds" - china, biskvit. 1994

11. "Poem" - china, biskvit, gold, relief, 1992

 12. "Surf" - slıamot, salts, aTo6bI, glaze,       1992

13. "Kurban Holiday" - china, salts, paiııtings, 1980

14. "Windows into the world" -  shamot, application, salts, color clays, 1995

15. "Vase" - china, salts, glaze, 1979

16. "Girls" - shamot, oxides, salts, 1995

17. "Draft" - decorative vases, shamot, glaze, 1996

      1st caver: "Zephir" - shamot, glaze, 1996
      4th caver: Vase - china, salts, glaze, 1979


Iºangulyıew Iºanguly
(Sanatçy Ressam,1960)
Tel: 474137 ,  Asgabat

1979-1983: ª.Rustaweli çeperlik Mektebini Gutardy. (mugallymy:A.Almamedow)
1983-1987: Moskova ªährinde bejeriº merkezi institutynda okady.

Angliıade, Germaniıade, Awstriıada, Türkiıede, Rusıada, Eıranda we baºga daºary ıurtlarda çeperçilik iºleri sergisinde gatnaºdy. 1996 ıylda, İstambyl ºährinde ºahsy sergisi guraldy.

Works From Dr. Farzad Marjani's Private Collection.

Bayramhan. (Dr. Farzad Marjani's Private Collection)

Ayli & Aydin. (Dr. Farzad Marjani's Private Collection)

Women. (Dr. Farzad Marjani's Private Collection)

Other works,

Curiew, Hojamuhammed
Doglan Yyly 1966, Mary Welayeti, Guski
Okan: Turkmen Dowlet Cepercylyk Ucilise 1989-1994
Muallimi: AnnaDurdi Almamedov
Turkmen Dowlet Milli Cepercilik Akademisi 1994-2000
Muallimi: Amangeldiev Cari
Suwakt : Turkmen Dowlet Cepercylyk Ucilise Muallim
Tel: 474841 – Asgabat

From Dr. Farzad Marjani's Private Collection.

Garasmak. (Dr. Farzad Marjani's Private Collection)


Nuwawayof, Ahadmurad
Doglan Yyly 1972, Ahal Welayeti, Babadayhan
Okan: Turkmen Dowlet Cepercylyk Ucilise 1989-1994
Muallimi: AnnaDurdi Almamedov
Turkmen Dowlet Milli Cepercilik Akademisi 1994-2000
Muallimi: Amangeldiev Cari
Suwakt : Turkmen Dowlet Cepercylyk Ucilise Muallim
Tel: 466248  Asgabat

From Dr. Farzad Marjani's Private Collection.

Yssy Gun. (Dr. Farzad Marjani's Private Collection)





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